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Thread: How many of you use the dealer?

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    How many of you use the dealer?

    How many of you use the dealer? Helpful or a waste of money?

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    Welcome to the Forum. I tend to always use the dealer. I like being able to buy the ore, when it is scarce in my mine, or mining tools when I really want to have a play in the mine. I find him really useful to progress and to help my friends. But that is just my opinion

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    I'm using the dealer too. Keeps things easy going and is a great help for the planes to fill.
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    I rarely let him rest , might as well keep stocked and get my money's worth.

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    I buy him occasionally, but usually only for 1 day at a time, and when I will be able to be on every hour to get the most use out of him. I used to buy him every 10 days like clockwork but finally realized that because of my playing style (hours go by when I don't even think about the game), he really wasn't a good value for me. Now I just use him to stock up on ore and jewelry occasionally. YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaucyKit View Post
    How many of you use the dealer? Helpful or a waste of money?

    I would hate to play without him! In my opinion it's the BEST thing you can spend your T-cash on. Set a timer and make sure you use him every hour. Get mining tools, nuggets to turn Into bars at foundry , silver pendants to sell to mafia guy. (Only sell one) And of course what your plane will need. . We call him Sonny No Toes! Lol.

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    I use him from time to time, usually for a day and then immediately 10 days so it's cheaper. Lately I used him for ore mainly, upgrading my factories. If you have enough barn space (haha) it's great to get products that take longer to build every hour.

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    I use him all the time. Either to restock on long producing items or to buy ore. I probably use him 6 to 8 times a day
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    I've only used the dealer once. That was the first, free use when he was intrduced. I can see the benefit of using him for filling train and plane orders, but the marketplace usually sells the items I need and my barn gets easily filled up to max. Anyway, I haven't needed the dealer so far.
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    I used the dealer for the first time in about two months. I haven't needed him during that time. Raja is very useful. The city market has been filling my needs and that's another reason why I haven't needed the dealer, until yesterday. I get to use him one more time and then my time is up.

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