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Thread: Balance For Zoo Newbie

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    Balance For Zoo Newbie

    Hi. I've just opened the zoo and my first concern is its demand for ingots. How can, at lvl 41 stop the zoo from cannibalising my Town and vice versa? How do I strike a balance?

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    I don't recall the zoo needing ingots though I think we all figure out the best system for our playing style. At level 60 new community buildings appear only every other level, which opens up some breathing room for zoo upgrades, materials for enclosures, etc.

    If you mean gems to buy animals, then yes, you need to decide whether to hoard gems for the zoo or use them for boosters. Zoo shops can be very profitable so I suggest keeping up on those.
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    What I found that works for me is to alternate between the town and zoo. While I wait for the next zoo level I will build a community building or town expansion. I never have more than one construction going at the same time. After I complete a community building I see if I can upgrade a zoo building with any left over construction materials.
    The only booster I'm currently using is helicopter one so I keep gems for that and use the rest to buy animals.
    Zoo always comes second to town. I will let the zoo sit for weeks if I have a lot of construction activity in the town.
    It's a slow process but if you are patient and do some planning you won't get to frustrated.
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    Ouch!! Gems indeed not ingots. Thx for your advice.

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