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Thread: Less Tapping To Collect Zoo Gifts, Please!

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    Less Tapping To Collect Zoo Gifts, Please!

    I use my zoo booster a lot and although I really appreciate earning more zoo rewards with popularity points, it is a pain to have to double tap for every single one of them, especially if you have a lot to collect! I just collected my popularity points and then the gift boxes, and it took 61 taps on my screen to collect them all!! I would love it if the devs could create a way to just collect all of them with a swipe instead, or even just change it to only need one tap each instead of two. It's not like we can decline to collect a zoo gift box reward, so not sure why it is necessary to double tap each time to collect every single one. Just an idea. :-)

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    not sure about the gift boxes, but can't you at least just swipe over the shop boxes to collect the hearts?

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    DD, yes, you can just swipe to collect the hearts, but each gift box takes two taps to claim the reward. If you have a lot of them to collect, it gets annoying really fast!

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    then I can imagine it's annoying; I didn't remember how to collect the boxes - while around 30 boxes is really pretty much. Maybe the Devs didn't test with such amounts?

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    Can't test right now, I have no gifts ready, but I've started closing out of the shop before collecting the gifts, and then just collecting them from the roof. If that makes sense? I find it less annoying and I *think* it takes fewer taps but I could be kidding myself.

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    I'll add a hearty agreement to this, debville. I think the Zoo collection methods could be reviewed to be easier; I always feel like I'm tapping way more than necessary.

    It may seem a small/silly thing to find annoying, but give your Zoo some real TLC for a few days then disagree with me.
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