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Thread: A Warning Before Spending T-Cash

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    A Warning Before Spending T-Cash

    Just like the button that dumps your own task already started is red, it would be nice if all the other buttons that make youp spend Tcash ("start the action ", "get now" and the like) were red,as a warning. I understand that the goal of Playrix is to grab all the money that it can, but the players would be more relaxed playing and less prone to leave the game after having spent Tcash unwillingly for the third time.

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    I wish there was another way of buying things not only by Tcash. One might be having a lot of coins and less Tcash, but really wishes she or he could get that thing. Esp for decorations.

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    There are some things you can set in the settings to require confirmation before spending t-bucks like speeding up crops, etc. Check your settings and see if that helps at least with some of the accidental purchases.

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    From Playrix Help Guide (also found in-game): How do I avoid spending my T-cash by accident?

    You have to activate T-cash purchase confirmations:

    1. Open the game settings in the top left corner of the screen.
    2. Go to Additional Settings.
    3. Tick Use Cash in the Confirmation window section.

    From now on a confirmation window will pop up every time you want to purchase something with T-cash.

    ATTENTION! This option won't work after another confirmation window has already popped up (e.g., when you don't have enough materials to complete an action). You won't be asked for additional confirmation in those cases.

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