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Thread: 13.12 Ask The Devs: The Interview!

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    13.12 Ask The Devs: The Interview!

    Hello, Townshippers!

    Ever wondered how your favorite game was made? Watch this video to discover all behind-the-scenes secrets!

    Want to see even more? Go to our official Facebook page and like this post.
    If it gets 10k LIKES, we'll release a special BONUS VIDEO!

    Subscribe to our official YouTube channel for more awesome videos:
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    Natasha, thank you for posting this in the forum some of us do not have FB!!

    It is a very informative video!


    Where can I purchase a black Playrix Shirt?

    Do you have plush toys we can purchase of characters?

    Or a bumper sticker that says "Where's My Update??"? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    We have had a blast discussing the video in The Den!
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    Thank you for this video! I like knowing the behind the scenes stuff.
    I think the duck feeders are cute.
    I love the little extra things that you find like the guy putting up the poster in the event center. The big orange cat in the market who walks around town is one of my favorites.
    I started playing Fishdom and Gardenscapes and Township showed up as an ad on my device so I tried it. Got completely hooked and now it's the one I play most of the time.
    I do appreciate all the work you do in creating a wonderful game.
    I would like to see you devote a little more energy into customer service when something goes wrong, that is my only complaint.
    Thank you for creating so much fun!

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    This was a great interview! I normally do not go to my FB page, but this time I did to post a message to our Devs. They also asked us some great questions too. Just a brief re-cap of my response, we do appreciate all our Devs do for us. Playrix "rocks" the graphics in the gaming world, and we do like 99.9 percent of "changes," especially adding "moving parts" to water or other decorations. Remembering to "add" not "take away" (i.e. Like changing our horse statue (oval base) to king statue, or the change in our camper, let's face it, most of us would have "bought" both . Township is addictive, and came into my life at a critical time. I play a lot and it brings me incredible joy. I let our Devs know, that I guess the Forum, compared to FB, tweeting, twittering (lol), maybe is considered the "dinosaur" now, but that we loved and appreciated all their hard work, and there were many here on the Forum that supported them, and we had some great ideas... Again, Happy Hoildays to our Devs, your hard work does not go unnoticed.

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    I’ll answer their questions;

    1) most often I do like the changes you make, a lot. Although altering the regatta prizes sucks massively and was a horrible mistake that made things worse, in my opinion, because we lost the ability to decide what was personally valuable to us, which varies.
    2) I spend several hours a day playing, though not all at one time.
    3) your efforts are very worth it, and hugely appreciated, except when you mess with our regatta prizes for no apparent reason. The seasonal regattas are a particularly wonderful improvement and must have nearly killed you all doing the hard work to set it up. Kudos.
    4) I started playing while recovering from major surgery so I was stuck in bed bored for a week or so. I was hooked on the game within days, if not hours.
    5) I love Township, it has brought me tonnes of joy, thankyou! The game is super fun and addictive in itself, and my coop is a brilliant social environment where I laugh with my head off with my friends every single day.

    Put back the regatta prizes as they were, make your bosses improve Customer Service pretty comprehensively, and you have the absolute perfect game!
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    VERY good answers, Sweetness and Bessville! thanks and thanks for sharing here

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