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Thread: Question about regatta task and booster

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    Question about regatta task and booster

    My co-leader started an argument with me about this and gave the entire co-op misinformation. I'm now trying to determine if she lied. For the crop/harvest tasks in the regatta where we are told to harvest a certain number of "fields" of particular crop, has the Super Harvest booster always worked to double the number of fields/plants for the task? My co-leader says it didn't early in the regattas. Is this true? I really need to know. Thank you!!

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    Hi Lisa

    I have many players using the crop booster for the regata since the beginning and nobody ever mentioned that it was not working.

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    I use the crop booster 24/7 and it has always worked for the harvest tasks

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    The crop booster has always worked from day one, definitely!

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    Yes, it's been working from day one in our co-op too

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