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Thread: Message/News Service?

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    Message/News Service?

    When I came onto the game about 40 minutes ago, I had a message envelope waiting. When I opened it, it said your could earn 5 tcash for joining. I clicked on to join, took me to and email register site, but wouldn't register me. Not sure why. What was this, why didn't it like my email and password?

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    Hmm, if you see this, would you mind explaining a bit more about the email register site that wouldn't register you? In the meantime...

    My best guess is this might have been the email newsletter service Playrix asks you to sign up for. They give you 5 T-cash for joining; it signed me up with no issues. Since I'm on an iPad, it opened up an email in my Mail app to send to Playrix to sign up, then I received 5 T-cash in-game. Perhaps there was an error... your best bet may be to go back to your Township game and request help from within the app from Playrix as they may be able to extend the invitation to you again?

    Edited to Add: If something asked you to sign in to your email, that was probably your email service prompting you to log in so that you could send an email to Playrix consenting to the newsletter. If that's the case, Playrix cannot help you log in to your email service as you'll need to be sure you have the correct email address and password for your email account. However, if the envelope prompting you to sign up is gone, that is the part you will need to ask Support if they can re-send to you (Disclaimer: I do not know if they can do that, but I know that they are the only ones who might be able to do so).

    Alternatively, did you recently update your app? (Especially relevant if you have an iOS or Android device). After major updates, they offer 5 T-cash for updating... but that doesn't sound like what you're talking about because no sign-up is required.
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    Hi Reggina

    Joining what exactly? What was on that website? It look like scam/spam to me. I would change my email password right away if I were in that situation. Please, be very careful when unknown site ask you personal information like password. Just get out of there.

    I do not know how you received that envelope in your game.

    P.S. Ohh forgot about the newsletter LOL I sign up almost 4years ago .. Sorry
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    Oh, you are right, it did say newsletter. I'll try the in-game support tactic.

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