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    12.12 Forum Rules&Information: Updated!

    Hi guys!

    We have exciting news concerning our Forum! We know that when you are new to the Forum some things, like how to add a new avatar or how to use tags, might be a bit confusing.

    So we've updated our Forum Rules & Information section with useful instructions to help you navigate from the very start.

    Did we miss something? What other instructions would you like to see in that section? Kindly share your ideas with us in this thread. Thanks in advance!

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    Hi Anna

    You could add a post about "How to add a screenshot" to your post. Mentioning the size limit would be helpful.

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    Dear Anna,

    there is nowhere an explanation how to delete an account for this forum! Could you please add this information somewhere and delete my account! I don´t play any of the games anymore! Too many problems and costs too much money if you want to play it properly!

    Thanks in advance!


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    There were several posts in here over the last few days that disappeared into moderation.

    Just to make you all aware, these have not been deleted. I've moved them all here so you can continue to post should you wish to do so.
    IMPORTANT: As a Township moderator, I only have power to maintain its forum.
    - Township Support.
    - Before posting a question, please make use of:
    Township Wiki,
    • the stickies on top of each sub-forum,
    • the search function to see previous posts.

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    I’ve been a longtime player, but am new to the Forum. How can I fill in my Profile Information & add an Avatar? This may have already been addressed, I apologize for any duplication.

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    I have added a screenshot when an issue w/a game is broken. But never on Playrix. I understand a screenshot in Forums would take up space, screenshots can be posted on the Facebook Township site. (Unfortunately you have to use a current post as it appears Players can not Post, unless it is to a Dev Posting - which needs to be, but probably will not, be changed.

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    Why won't it register me

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