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Thread: I was taken back 2 levels

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    I was taken back 2 levels

    I had already completed levels 159 & 160. I had also already finished the second kitchen window. As soon as I built the second kitchen window, the game messed up and shaded my entire kitchen, and if I tried to click on my kitchen it acted as if I hadn't even unlocked it yet. I had to restart the game. Once I restarted, it had me back on level 159 again, and had only one kitchen window done. I had to redo the levels. Level 159 is a Hard Level, so I used up 2 lives with it, and then used up the rest of my lives on level 160 (& used a life I had in my envelope).
    So, I should be on level 161 & I should have my second kitchen window up. When, instead, I'm now stuck on level 160 again and with only one kitchen window up.
    Please fix glitches like this. It's ridiculous that it reset stuff I had already done and now have to keep using lives again to get back to where I'm supposed to be at.
    I uninstalled the game, reinstalled, and logged on through Facebook, and I still didn't fix.
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