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Thread: Does any admin explain this to me?

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    Does any admin explain this to me?

    I am delighted with the garden but yesterday I found a video on YouTube that shows someone in the new zone that opened on day 2, the area that has not yet been opened and the current level of the game in 1951 that belongs to the day 3 of zone 9. I wanted to ask the game developers how someone in Zone 10 did on the second day if the current levels belong to zone 9 days 3 plus the new zone that comes in an update that is not yet It has been released. I hope some developer can answer me
    PD: The video

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    well i think this is cheating because who got that much stars and money? especially stars - you cant buy them.
    i always got very short on that items and i am at level 1951 telling me there are no more levels for more stars.
    if i would have them it could go to that area for sure. i dont remember which level it was but there was a day 1 again and this seems to be normal that this area starts at day 1 or 2.

    basically i dont like these kind of poser, cause they dont show skills or the fun of the game reaching this or that. cheating is nothing to be proud of, in fact it is disgusting.

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    Same question here.. level 1951 gives chests to play, as no more levels available, and here comes update promoting "sea life"?.. how it even possible if the previous "horse level" is not yet done? Shouldn't creators finish at first levels ppl do play...

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