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Thread: Already Logged In On Another Device

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    Already Logged In On Another Device

    Hi There,

    I have multiple google accounts on my phone for my children.

    When I created my township account (I assume) it chose my daughters account, so now when she goes to play township on her tablet, which only has her google account, it either shows my town or says "already logged in."

    I'd like to link my town with my google account and allow her to start a new town on her device.

    How do I fix this?

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    Hello, Mark, and welcome to the forums!

    You may find the information you need in the Township Help Guide:

    - Can I have multiple towns on a single device?

    - Can I have the same town on several devices?

    If not, you will want to Contact Township Support so they can help you recover your town.

    My recommendation is to get any information you have about your town (name, level, friend code if you have it, Co-op name, Co-op tag, the screen name of the incorrect and correct Google accounts, etc) so they can more easily identify your town. Best of luck!

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