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Thread: How many lives?

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    How many lives?

    Paid my hard earned 900 coins in gardenscapes to refill my lives & only got one! Is that right or should I have got 5 does anyone know please?

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    I've never received five which is what I thought they say you will get, so not sure if we are not understanding what they are saying or if it is a fault!

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    It says restore all it should be 5

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    That was my understanding of it too, that you would get 5 lives. Quite disappointing! Just looked & it says buy a full set to continue playing.
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    I think you should report it to Playrix. You can "Report an issue" from the Settings menu in the game. They ask for so many coins they should at least give you what they promise.

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    I really wish there was a confirmation button when you spend coins. Over ten days to finish level 54 Lol. I started to build the dog house and wasn't going to rush the build BUT silly me didn't pay attention when starting the game and rushed the build anyway....I think I actually scared my RL neighbors dogs.
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    You should definately report it. I have always got five. Be sure your lives are down to zero though when you refill. If you had four lives when you refilled, you would only get one.
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