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Thread: Religious content :(

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    Religious content :(

    As a non Christian, I'm upset by the Christmas elements that have been added to the game. While last year it was possible to choose not to engage with those elements, this year I can't play at all on the weekend without growing a Christmas tree. I had hoped that this year features from other religions might be incorporated as the game was expanded, and I'm disappointed that instead not only are only Christians represented, but I'm unable to avoid the Christmas elements at all. I usually play this game every day so I'm really sad that I'm going to have to avoid it during the contests for now.

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    Christmas isn't actually a Christian holiday, though. It's a Pagan holiday. It existed long before Christians did. They just added Jesus to it because they didn't like Pagans and were trying to convert them. It really has nothing to do with them outside of that.
    I really don't see why it "upsets" you, with all due respect. I'm not Christian and I honestly don't care, partially because it's not a Christian holiday, as I said. I celebrate Christmas, and I don't get upset when someone calls it "the holidays" or something else instead. Why? Because it really doesn't matter. They're all different words for what's basically the same thing. Is there a reason it bothers you, outside of just not wanting to come into contact with anything that doesn't fit your own beliefs? Because you really can't avoid that. It's going to happen. Staying in your bubble will only harm you in the long run, because you won't be exposed to the various OTHER beliefs that are out there.
    Gardenscapes is clearly an American/British/Australian game; and in those countries, the vast majority of people celebrate Christmas. Sure, not everyone does and it would be nice to include nods to that. Maybe they SHOULD add events for other religious celebrations; that's a great idea. But you can hardly expect to deprive the game's main target audience of something the vast majority of them participate in, purely because you don't believe in it. At the end of the day the game's going to cater to its target audience.

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