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Thread: less or no stars for new day

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    less or no stars for new day

    I would like the more if I didn't have to get so many star just to start playing a new day.

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    Yeah, I agree with you. 1 star, if any, for starting a new day seems plenty sufficient.

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    Why do we have to have stars to start a new day, it is just soul destroying, I have lost so many lives because I don't understand why when a bomb goes of you lose more than one life!!!!!!! Why, and why do we have to earn 2 stars to start a new day????? I am on the point of packing this stupid game in, it gives you nothing to play for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad as hell.

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    I agree. Why do we need to earn more stars for a new day when we have already completed so many other tasks? This seems redundant and overly frustrating. I suggest making a new day 1 star at the most (4 stars is definitely too many).

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    4 stars just to start a new day?!?!
    Why are you treating your customers this way?

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    id just like to find a way to get stars !! ive completed level 301 and stuck as no way to get more levels.boring chests for a week then no reward - like enough stars to start the next day - ..too frustrating

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    No stars for new day PLEASE. It's hard enough to earn stars without using them this way. Thank you Playrix

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