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Thread: Township On My Computer

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    Township On My Computer

    i recently found out that I can download my fav game township to my laptop and so I did but now my problem is its not letting me link it to my facebook page where I can get to my game
    somebody please help me figure this out cause I would really like to not have to restart this game on my computer.
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    The windows version of the game is separate, you can only sync your progress with other windows devices.
    The game can be synced only between android-iOS-kindle. The MAC version is also separate. So if you previously played on any of these platforms, you can't transfer the progress on a windows device.

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    You'd have to use an Android emulator on your windows PC to run the android version of Township. However emulators are not supported by Playrix, and you could run into all kinds of trouble like synchronization issues or false positive banning of your account. Meaning you could lose your playing session's progress or part of it (= synchronization issues) or might in worst case temporarily/permanently lose access to your game (false positive banning).

    Technically it's possible. But the whole 'unsupported' part about it makes it somewhat risky.

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