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Thread: Laziest Special Event Ever!

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    Laziest Special Event Ever!

    I've been playing Homescapes for a while now ... up to Level 559 ... and I've been quite happy with the game. Not too easy, not to hard, and if you are patient, and watch every little movie whenever they are offered, you can eventually move on without having to spend any real money.

    Then the Christmas "Special Event" came out today, and I am very, very disappointed. Talk about pure and utter laziness! A storyline to knit a scarf by beating levels. Nothing new there, almost every similar android games have special events like that. But this is the very first time that the levels you have to beat, are the very same levels that you are on in the regular game!

    Soooo .... here I sit at level 559. A HARD level that I have been stuck on for a week! And I have 2 days to beat it, to just get the 1st step of the "Special Event" done! LOL What a crock! And every level at this point is extremely difficult, and often take hours if not days to complete. In 2 days and 21 hours, I will be LUCKY to get past this first level, let alone beat enough levels to come anywhere close to making a dent in the contest.

    Most "Special Events" ... in fact EVERY "Special Event" I've ever seen on any game .... gives the players brand new "Special Event" levels, that start easy, and then get progressively harder. They don't ...EVER ... give you the same difficult crap that you've just been struggling with for the past few weeks!!

    Lazy, inconsiderate to the faithful, long-time players, and very, very ill-thought out.

    Do better please next time, Playrix!!

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    Yeah, I was a little disappointed when the levels I needed to beat were ones I would be trying to beat, anyway.

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    As I said in another thread, I did persist and get past the first hard level, only to get awarded a 1 hour immorality boost as the prize for stage one, which I couldn't use because I was at work. Yay!

    After that, though, things went a lot smoother, and I got through Stage 2 and 3 in good order. The final prize was less then overwhelming, and hardly worth the hype.

    All-in-all, a Special Event hardly worthy of the name.

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    I have found that some of the hard and extra hard levels are easy for me to play and some of the regular levels are difficult to play.

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