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Thread: Cannot bring up list of FB friends who play.

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    Cannot bring up list of FB friends who play.

    What am I doing wrong.....or what should I be doing. It did come up previously. But I know longer have the "invite friends" button.

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    I get the box that pops up asking to invite friends and can send request out through facebook but do not see a friends list that shows my friends who have already installed the game. So i invite friends but can never get to them.

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    I too can longer find a friend list. When I did it also would not show me who was playing.

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    Same here i uninstalled and reinstall game but lost all my progress level 90 ������

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    Apparently this problem has not been solved. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it didn't do anything. I have one friend who sends me lives but I can't send them back because I can't find her or any of my Facebook friends. .

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    Hey guys!

    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Kindly try this and check if it helps

    1. Disconnect your game from Facebook.
    2. Remove the app from your Facebook account:
    3. Log out of your Facebook app (Launch your Facebook app -> Menu -> Account -> Log out) and in your web-browser on your computer.
    4. Restart the device, log into Facebook and connect the game to it again.
    5. Open your friend list and check if your friends are back.

    Good luck and let us know about the results!

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    Natalie are the team developers the same team that did Township? If not they may want to consult. Whomever did Township did it right. This game has a great concept and graphics but the actual play and interaction with other players is a huge disappointment. Is anyone listening to your users? I would never recommend this game to anyone as it functions right now.
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    Thank you, it works

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    Hey Garden4jvs!

    We have a large team of developers and game designers and some of them are working cross-projects. And yes, we're always listening to what our players have to say, but it would help much better if you constructed a list of the specific things you don't like and how you think they can be improved This way I could mail it to the developers along with other players' feedback in no time!

    Hatsieflatsie1963, glad to hear!

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