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Thread: Opting Out Of Regatta

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    Opting Out Of Regatta

    I would like some clarity on opting out of the regatta. There are 2 boxes, one participate in regatta and one regatta. Do they both need to be unchecked? What is the difference between the two?! Also how would a person opt out permanantly! I would love to see this added to the regatta instructions. There is nothing about opting out, just opting in! TY

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    Hi Sam

    The first one "Participate in regata" is the one you want to uncheck to opt out the regata. The second one in under the header "Notifications" to let the participating players choose if they want to receive notifications or not.

    Once you have uncheck the first one (participating in regata), it will stay that way until you check it again. If you never check it, you are permanently out.
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    I don't see these options anywhere. Is this still a thing?


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    Yep, a very crucial thing, Mort. In ios (not sure about other platforms) ‘participate in regatta’ is in the settings menu (cog at top left of screen), under additional settings. You can change it any time, and it’ll alter your status when the current race ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Mort View Post
    I don't see these options anywhere. Is this still a thing?

    You have to go to settings (the cog wheel under population stats) -> additional settings -> check/uncheck "Participate in Regatta".

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