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Thread: Level 1088

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    Level 1088

    I can't get past level 1088. When I look at videos of other people beating it. They get a bomb in the top crate. I'm just getting fruit. Any clues?

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    Hi! It'd be really helpful if you could attach a screenshot or describe the level a bit more for other forum members. Thanks!
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    Hi Esk,

    You can see in this video here that the player does not get a bomb from inside one of the top boxes, all the bombs they receive they create, so hopefully this video will give you some ideas on how to approach the level. It's been awhile since I played this one but this player has the right strategy. Focusing on generating power-ups whenever possible, clearing the way over to the right hand side honey asap and getting that cleared it is a must if you want to be victorious. The player does a good job at focusing on removing the honey first as often as they have the opportunity. You should do the same. The honey however isn't a stage goal, so if you do manage to free the gnomes trapped under the honey on the lower left hand side and clear the fly pots then theoretically you could allow that honey to run amok. I don't recommend it though. This is a hard level and this player gets a nice string of good luck that allows them play very effectively. That being said, if you focus on clearing the honey and generating power-ups things will fall into place for you one of these tries. Good luck.

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