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    The Winter Holiday Tour Of Towns 1, City da Ka

    This may become a series for the upcoming Holidays. I have gotten much too lazy of late.

    This will be the first installment, in which we take a look at a town, and give some
    impressions. I may be coming to your town. If the writing muse wells up within you
    please share a town and your impressions. Township is after all about creating the
    town of your dreams, and there are a lot of wonderful towns out there.

    Lets look at City da Ka together.

    In the land of Co-op Renegados (#RENYM4), there one may stumble upon the halls of City da K’a =^.^=, a little backwater town in that Portuguese domain.

    The town is arranged in what best may be described as an assembly of Home Interior groupings, for those familiar with that multi-level marketing schema. There is a Halloween grouping, a Valentines grouping, etc. And there are many more such and most all of them eye popping.

    Ka is a graduate of that school of which I am also an alumni, that more is better. Those from this school make it their goal to have every square populated with something. And in this, Ka is successful. This is a busy town, profuse with just about every cartoonesque figurine that Playrix has offered the last few years.

    City Da Ka is a colorful playful town and symmetry is king. This may best be illustrated with what we shall call the Seasonal Regatta grouping which is by the Golden Gate bridges. Notice the two throned and crowned Piggies flanked on either side by the two towers. The Symmetrical minded must have two of everything.

    Also of note is the 3D treatment of the apartment buildings. Others have done this better, but it seems to go with everything else done in Ka.

    Ka is a proponent of keeping tall things in the back and not unduly covering buildings. She does it well.

    Ka likes the yellow flowers and also the white water lilies. I also like the effect the white water lilies create, but tend to be more moderate with them. With these Ka showed no restraint.

    I guess my favorite part of the town is the Valentines area.

    City da Ka, worth the ride.
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    Found the co-op, but don't see a town by the name of City da Ka.

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    I think its been renamed 'No se van la chicas (ka=^.^=)'...... its a very busy, bustling town!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgoetzinger99 View Post
    Found the co-op, but don't see a town by the name of City da Ka.
    It's there - about the 4th one listed, I think.

    Cobalt: Yes, Ka likes the yellow flowers, but there are a bunch of pink ones too! I always wonder in Towns like these how the "Townies" get around. Maybe by jet-packs? LOL
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    Thank you. As little Shirley Temple used to say..."Oh, my goodness!"

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