Your Friends and Contacts on the Forum are displayed on the 'Contacts and Friends' page in your User Control Panel.

1. Click on ‘Settings' and then scroll down to find User Control Panel on the left of the screen:

2. Your friends are also displayed in your profile page.

What is the difference between Friends and Contacts?

Friends option on the Forum works the same way as in social networks: one user sends a request, another user confirms the friendship by accepting it.

Contacts are a one-way relationship, it does not have to be mutual. It’s like contacts in your phone book.

How do I send a Friend or Contact request?

1. View the profile of the person you want to become friends with and click the ‘Add to Friends' link:

2. Enter the name of the player into the empty text box on your 'Contacts and Friends' page and click either 'Contact' to add them to your list, or 'Friend' to send a friendship request:

3. Another way to add someone as a Contact is to click on the user’s name anywhere you see it on the Forum and then choose the option you need in the small pop-up window:

4. To accept a friend request, scroll down to find a list of pending requests. Check the box for the requests you wish to accept, then check the 'Accept' button and save the changes. If you do not wish to be friends then select 'Reject' instead.

5. To remove a user from your Friends or Contacts, un-check the box associated with their avatar and click the 'Save Changes' button.