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Thread: Lost My City

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    Lost My City

    My phone is damage and i lost my city with all my achievements. i just downloaded the game on my laptop but started over fresh can you please help me get back my old game pleaseeeeeeee. I think i was at level 72 my town's name was Goysvill. i was leader of my co op Chanpion. pleaseeeee help

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    If you previoulsy played on Android/iOS/Kindle you can't sync your progress with a windows device. The windows version is separate and can be synced only with other windows devices.
    So if you want to contiunue your progress, you can only do so on a compatible platform:
    - Android - iOS - kindle are compatible
    - MAC is not compatible with any other platform
    - Windows only with other windows devices (PC or mobile)
    - facebook version is also separate

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