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Thread: Purchasing Extra Moves to Finish Level

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    Purchasing Extra Moves to Finish Level

    It doesn't make sense to me that it would cost the same amount of coins to finish off one level as it does to buy five more lives. There have been a few times I was tempted, but didn't because I knew all I would get was enough to finish the level. I would be willing to get a package where, if you're close at the end of the level, 1000 coins will get you the five moves and a couple extra lives. Or 400 coins for five moves.

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    I wish it was possible to buy moves in amounts. Even if it was just 1 and 5. I have had so many games when I just needed 1 move to finish.

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    That is the challenge to the game, and what makes it so much fun to play. Do I use my coins to buy those 5 extra moves, or don't I? After 600+ levels, I've developed a bit of a technique for making that choice. First of all, if I am going to spend 900 coins, I need to be 100% certain that I can finish the level in those 5 moves that I'm going to get. This means having to decide this before making that last move, because the game board is obscured the moment that last unsuccessful move it made. There is NOTHING worse then spending the 900 coins, and still not being able to finish the level! lol

    The second criteria I have is whether it is a Hard level or not. If its a Hard level, and I can get it to a point where I know I can defeat it with 1 or 2 more moves, then I will spend the 900 coins. That is what they are there for. If I think it "might" take 4 or 5 moves to win, I will pass, save my coins, and give the level another try. I don't spend real money on the game, so those coins are too valuable, and take too long to accumulate, to throw them away on a "possible" chance. It has to be a certainty.

    If it is not a Hard level, I will never spend the 900 coins until I've been unable to beat the level for a least a day. I'll sometimes persist for 2-3 days. Eventually, though, just like a Hard level, if I can get a persistently tough normal level to a point where I know I can beat in 1 or 2 moves, I will spend the 900 coins.

    BTW, on the subject of building up coins, it really does not take all that long if you watch every video ad when offered. I find it takes about a day, even when I haven't defeated a level, that I have accumulated over 900 coins just from the ads.

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    The ads are nice for people that can get them. Some of us don't get any ads at all.
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    I only get about three ads a week. And I only purchase the extra moves if I am guaranteed to pass it. Otherwise, if I have 900 coins, I may as well use up the rest of my lives, purchase five more, and start off with a couple of boosters to pass it. (I hardly ever use the boosters, but when I do, I tend to use all three. Don't want to use a booster on a level I end up losing.) I give myself about 20-30 tries to beat a level before resorting to any boosters.

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