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    Communicating with other players is a great way to get tips and advices from experienced players!

    1. Click on the thread you want to respond to and then on a big button '+Reply To Thread':

    There is also a 'Reply' button beneath each message in the thread.

    2. Type your message and click on 'Post Quick Reply' to post it right away or 'Go advanced' to add images or HTML:

    How do I insert someone's text in my reply?

    If you want to reply to a specific post or user, click on the 'Reply With Quote' button at the bottom right of that post. This will add the other poster's name and message into your answer:

    If the quote is too long and you want to reply to just a part of it, delete the extra. Just make sure you keep these 2 markers : [ QUOTE ] and [ /QUOTE ].
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