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Thread: Dec 2017 (iOS/Android/Kindle) Update: Mine Is Broken!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallatar View Post
    I spend money on this game and expect things to be sorted quickly. Waiting this long is wrong.
    In the case of Playrix Customer Support, the gulf between reality and expectation is pretty darned wide. I suggest you resign yourself to waiting.

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    SAme problem... customer support replied in chat that I have be patient

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    Well, I now have 58 pickaxes. But, where are the rest? Customer Service is a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallatar View Post
    Well, I now have 58 pickaxes. But, where are the rest? Customer Service is a joke.
    Maybe. Nonetheless, you should keep replying to them, that the problem is not solved yet in your opinion, until they do. They won't react here.

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    I woke up to my mine being fixed today which made me happy, however when I looked at the amount of picks I had I was beyond mad. My mine had 150 picks when this glitch occurred , I went 5 days without a mine I had tracked the number of picks I was getting from Thursday on roughly 300 when I realized this wasn't going to be fixed anytime soon.. My picks are now at 51. How is this fair????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montse Pujol Caimel View Post
    My mine had more than 200 peaks and now only 65 have been preserved. I have now bought more, but it does not seem fair to me.

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    Now i have 56 Axes too. Its ok for me, because I can play the mine again. Thx

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    Hello guys!

    We're very sorry that you've come across this issue with the Mine. Our devs released a hot-fix patch which should fix it. Kindly check if you installed it, following the instructions in this article.

    If your problem persists, please contact our Customer Support. They'll be happy to help you out

    Kind regards,

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