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Thread: Participate in Regatta Deadline

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    Participate in Regatta Deadline

    My apologies if I'm posting this on a wrong thread...

    I am trying to implement an opting out policy. Does anyone know the deadline for opting out of the next regatta?

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    Not officially, but I personally tend to think of 6-8 hours before as a safe margin. I’ve heard of people trying to opt out in the last hour or two where it hasn’t taken effect. Hopefully you’ll get a more concrete answer before it’s too late for this week.

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    Hi Kathleen!

    Regatta participation (opt in/out) is "final" when a regatta starts, so any changes need to be made in Additional Settings before then. As Bess mentions, some have said if they change the racing status too close to racing time, it might not take effect properly. Personally, I've never had an issue but it's worth being mindful.

    The Playrix Support guide doesn't provide much detail regarding this; they simply tell you how to opt in and out (see Do I have to participate in regattas?). They do say not to be "late" and the only other comment on the topic is quite generic as well (see How do I make sure I'm on time to regattas?).

    In relation to your mention of an opt out policy, I can recommend what has worked for our Co-op. We make it a requirement that everyone reads our guidelines and one of those is that you must opt out if you cannot complete the minimum number of tasks/shares. Those who are opted in must complete the minimum tasks/shares; if not, they will not receive rewards and will be kicked from the Co-op. It sets a clear expectation, offers incentive for activity, comforts players about their co-op membership, and protects the efforts of our awesome and loyal members.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you! Hopefully, the mom will opt him out on time. He is not supposed to be racing!!! I would hate to boot him.

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    The safe thing would be to opt out after they got their rewards from the last race. Then that race is definitely over.
    It should take place in any case before the official start of the next race. I think that cos I recall that some folks tried to change their status "before a Coop member picks their first task" - which is the regatta start in each coop and naturally later than the official start - and it didn't work / was too late.
    The next start time is shown in the regatta window (difference from now in hours).

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