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Thread: How to View Stats After Regatta Ends

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    How to View Stats After Regatta Ends

    During a regatta I can see the stats of our co-op members, how many tasks they've done and how many points they've earned. Once the regatta is over (which is middle of the night for me) I can't see the stats anymore. Problem is, I have one member that I'm close to kicking out for not participating. Sometimes, after many reminders from me, they choose a task near the end of the last day. Since I'm sleeping when the regatta ends I can't see if they ever completed it. What would you do? We aren't a super competitive co-op but we ask that you do at least 1 task. Any advice?

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    Strange. I do have the last regata statistics available after the race. Check the regata pier. Below the text "Next regata start in NNN" there is a button STATS. Just click on it to see the stats for the last race. You should see right away if that member complete a task or not.

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    Same as above.

    Once the regatta's over, go in as if you were going to take a task.
    Instead of the task board, you should have the regatta man saying the race is over, and a big green statistics button.

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    Oh thanks! How did I miss that!? Sorry for the silly question.

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