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Thread: New Transport: Bus/Coach Service

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    New Transport: Bus/Coach Service

    I hope that this is a good idea,
    Bus service the runs on the roads of the township please🙂

    thank you to township developers for diversity of township game that has made all other app games fall into its shadow.

    Ps.below I have some variations on bus service idea,that I felt might work well on township

    A shuttle bus service that runs on the road, much like the helicopter your bus/shuttle busses can receive orders to fill and drop it’s collections from the service point bus stops which you can earn or pay for with coins,so you choose what type of bus stops and buses that can be different themes eg futuristic or Victorian London horse and carriage.

    Or even having a simple bus/coach service that have various themes and the characters can use bus and wait for it at the bus stops/stations [that you can earn playing games/buy with coins].
    Also it would be good if player of game can tap bus/coach when bus stop is full up with passengers and it drops them off at bus stops that will earn coins on happy customers journeys completed.grow bus station with more buses /update to bigger bus[or bigger order /passengers capacity]or with different themed main bus station/bus stops etc

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    Nice idea 💡!

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