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Thread: 1.09 New Moderators - Tassie & Hyacinth!

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    1.09 New Moderators - Tassie & Hyacinth!

    Hey everyone,

    I am just beyond happy to announce that we have finally chosen our TWO MODERATORS!
    Let's give the warmest welcome to Tassie & Hyacinth! These awesome forumers have been helping you for quite a while now... and that's why we're all extra excited, right?

    Tassie, Hyacinth, to make things even better for you guys, our artists have created this small piece of art inspired by your avatars We hope you like it!

    Welcome to the forum team! Together we'll definitely make our community even better!


    P.S. If you guys need some advice on the forum moderator responsibilities, feel free to contact Nataly
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    Congratulations Tassie and Hyacinth! You're "official" now.

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    Senior Member Lyndie's Avatar
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    Well done both. I admire your courage and wish you both well. 👏👏👏👏👏

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    Congratulations to you both! Good luck!

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    Congratulations to both of you :-)

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    Thank you so much Liza, Nataly and the Playrix team for choosing Tassie and myself.

    A huge thank you for the best wishes expressed, especially by the one and only Graylady, who has done so much for the Forum and its members

    I absolutely love the artwork!!!

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    Good luck girls!

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    Yay!! Congratulations to the both of you!

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    Congrats Tassie and Hyacinth! And thank you for all of the support you've been providing!

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    Mad props dawg thanks for making this forum a better place!! ur dedication is much appreciated

    Edit: are moderators allowed to make new sub-forums? What if we get a co-op/clan/raid recruitment section? or regetta section? Those threads seem to be dominating the discussion sub-forum lol
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