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Thread: People Asking For Help In Tips Forum

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    People Asking For Help In Tips Forum

    People asking for help often without giving a link to a youtube video (which is showing the very to be solved level) or a screenshot or an explanation of the tasks.

    I don't like to ask for doing this again and again. Could we stick an asking with the titel "read before you ask for help" in the tips and tricks subforum?

    I really like if there is a "working together", a little bit feedback (do I need more help?/was this helpful?) to work out a strategy or to know if it was helpful.
    I don't want to get the feeling you were asked to get consumed. I think it makes a good atmosphere if the person who was helped would give a mini feedback.

    What do you think?

    I'd suggest to stick mini rules in the T&T forum.

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    kali, i understand what you mean very well. I also suggested a while ago that it should be a "rule" to provide at least a screenshot of the level along with more details about it to make it easier and more likely for others to help.
    In the current system, if someone wants to provide help, they are the ones who would have to search for the level and make sure it's the same one the op is talking about.. it's just extra work that honestly, don't feel like doing most of the time..

    Your suggestion about having a "read me" sticky is good in theory, but in my experience, newcomers to the forum never read those anyway, it happens often that they are asking for tips in the wrong sub-forum in the first place (across the forum, not specific to gardenscapes). Which is a shame, 80% of issues could be solved just by reading those.
    But it's something that we could definitely try, and hope for the best

    As for the feedback, you're right again. Sometimes i get the feeling that most people complaining about a certain level, they just make the post and never come back to see if a solution was provided. And it's always better to know if a strategy works or not.

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    Thankyou for your response, dreadnought!

    I agree, I think it's a little bit hard to search on youtube and then to ask "is it this level?". It should be a rule at least to explain how the board looks. Again, I agree regarding the "read me" thing. If I would be searching for help (maybe a little bit desperately), it could be that I would post without looking, but after that first post I would look around, I assume. So we could hope for the best.

    A feedback would give the person who is trying to help more safety, if his way to explain is working out and it is a nice atmosphere if most of people would do that. I myself was very glad when I got help from you. Hopefully Honor will read this.

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    Although I have played Gardenscapes for quite some time, I am fairly new to the forum but I did exactly what you suggest, dreadnought, when I joined, which was to read through threads and stickies before ever posting anything. I've found that there are a number of keen posters like yourselves who are really helpful and informative. Luckily, I haven't had to post any queries yet but I wouldn't be able to post a screenshot as I only play on Kindle and I don't think there's a way to do it from there . . . . . unless someone knows differently!

    With YouTube, isn't there an issue that the most up to date version of a level is not always available, particularly in early levels where the devs have gone back and modified them. It would be pretty impossible for anyone to continually check that all levels are the latest versions.
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    We don't need a screen shot (while it's nice it's not necessary), just a brief explanation of the goal (ie. collect 30 flowers and 24 acorns or collect 12 fishing bobbers, etc). At least then it's easier to find a youtube video that matches the level you're playing. I find that no matter how recently a level is changed or been switched around I can always find a youtube video that is up to date. It's not always the first or second or tenth available video but there's always one there somewhere.

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    One thing i think we can all agree on, is that no matter how hard you stick the stickies on top of the forum, you'll always find the "i need help with level xx" posts in all kind of threads - welcome to admin, interviews with characters, new update news, etc. Even more, when the stickies (at least on the other forum) were re-named to "read me", i think it triggers an effect like any other "terms and conditions" files - nobody will ever read them...
    We might have to come up with a different approach to put out this information where it would be the first thing the newcomers will see, i just don't have an idea yet of what it could be..

    As for the actual asking for help, i agree that a screenshot would definitely be nice, but not necessary or easy for everyone to do. But at least a description of the board - of the goals AND of the obstacles - should be the "rule". That way, you don't only have the number of the level, but also know what to look for in case the number changed.

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    Thanks guys! I promise a good description if I hit a snag in the future - more likely in Homescapes than Gardenscapes, I think , but you never know.

    With regard to posting in the correct place, I'm sure that I saw in another forum some time ago that newcomers were "forced" to go through an instructions page before being able to post. I can't remember it exactly and it may well not have been a games forum. I'm no techie and don't know how something like that could be set up. Do you think it's a bit too draconian, although I must admit that I do find it strange to discover posts in all sorts of unrelated threads.
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    Hi friends,

    I see: people post all over the forum, yes. My suggestion would be to remove such posts asap into the right forum, as if new people seeking for help will see the wrong placed posts they get the idea to post there too. But where is Honor? Is she/he okay?

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