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Thread: Problem syncing android phone with android tablet...

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    Problem syncing android phone with android tablet...


    So i was playing Gardenscapes on my phone, then after reaching about level 8, i decided to install it on my tablet.
    (I was already connected via facebook on my phone before i did this)

    So i downloaded it again to my tablet, installed it, then when the game started i pressed connect instead of play.
    It then connected to facebook and said something like "already authorised for this device".

    Then it didnt do anything, so i pressed play and it started from the beginning, it didnt load my game??

    I uninstalled it and tried again, it didnt start a new game this time but it loaded to the new tablet game not the phone.

    what did i do wrong?
    I want to sync it so i can play on either device and i will always be in the correct save game.


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    Hi there. Sometimes you have to play through the introductory level before the game can be reset. I wondered if you had done that on the game on the new device?

    Here is a link to a thread that may help you. It is in the Township Forum, but it may still help you:
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