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Thread: Link levels

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    Link levels

    How do I link levels on my iPads, I have reached a level on one iPad and installed on another but it starts at the beginning.

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum!

    I'll be happy to give you some tips on how to sync your game between two iOS devices. Try these instructions:

    1. Note that the game will be successfully synchronized between two of your devices only if the games are downloaded under the same Apple ID and you use the same Game Center username on both of your devices.
    2. Check your Internet connection and make sure that it is stable.
    3. If all is well with it, try to synchronize the devices not more often than every 5 minutes
    4. Before you try to sync the games, perform some actions in the game with a higher level.
    5. Delete the version with lower level or without any recent changes.
    6. Download the game again from the App Store.
    7. On launch you will be asked if you would like to continue the saved game, choose “Yes”.
    8. Check if the accounts are synchronized.

    Hope it helps!

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