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Thread: What Do You Think of the New Christmas Update?

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    3 hours of immortality that again I couldn't use, Graylady. They always seem to arrive at the very wrong time.

    The scarf photo was possibly the biggest prize for me, though.

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    I know how you feel about those free hours. I have won some I could not use too. I was just mentioning it for other players reading the thread and looking for what was in the last prize.
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    Well, to our Homescape Devs, I do enjoy playing. Gardenscapes is giving you a run though. Looks like you have given us some breaks in some areas, so I am going to remain positive that as time passes we will see more and more great things. You have developed a great product, still needs some "tweaks" here and there, but I know you guys will "rock it." Happy Holidays to all
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