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Thread: 30.11 Christmas Update

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    That would make sense, Graylady, if it was so - and would be the next silly decision by Playrix. Why on Earth would they reward only with free time, where that is the one reward everyone is complaining about its bad timing (or non-timing rather) anyway?!

    Are they trying to find out how many complaints of players THEIR USERS will answer here, before THESE leave, too?

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    I did reach the end of the scarf last night and the reward is one of each boost, including the hammer, plus coins. As I posted in another thread, there are no boosts in either the first or second reward, only extended playing time which, for many of us, is no real reward at all unless we are able to designate when we want to use it.

    On the Playrix Support page for the knitting event, they state that there will be "rewards like boosters and unlimited lives for every part of the scarf you complete" but I suppose that the operative word is "like".

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    it would have been nice to have a choice between a big christmas tree or a menorah for those of us that are jewish & celebrate chanukah

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    When is the Christmas stuff coming down? That falling snow is starting to irritate me.

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    Most likely they'll remove the snow and Christmas decorations when the next update goes live. No idea when that is, though...

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    I'm a new member and can use any advice

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    I'm a new member and can use any advice
    Hi Esther, and welcome to the forum!

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    Happy gaming!
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