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Thread: How Do I Get More Than 50 Friends? (MAC)

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    Question How Do I Get More Than 50 Friends? (MAC)

    Township - how can I get more than 50 friends? I play Township on Mac.

    I am a huge fan of Township and I need more friends, and not being able to add more than the 50 on the gamer centre makes it difficult to play to the full extent of the game. Need 75 for one of the quests.

    Any township friends who know how to overcome this problem my code is NGWTRG.

    Many thanks,

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    You can only have 50 in-game friends. You can get an unlimited number of friends if you connect the game to facebook. There are a lot of players who posted their profile in this thread (for Mac), so if you add them on facebook, you will become friends in the game automatically.

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