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Thread: 30.11 Interview with Leo

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    30.11 Interview with Leo

    Hey, Fishdomers!

    Please welcome the guest of our today's interview - Leo the Ray! You've probably seen a lot of him, and now it's time to get to know him better Sit back and enjoy

    Good afternoon, Leo! We're excited to have you at the Aquarium News office. Our players have absolutely swamped us with questions for you. Are you ready to answer them?

    Sure! Even the toughest ones! (laughing) Thanks for inviting me. I’m happy to tell my story; it’s nice to know that they're genuinely interested in learning about me.

    Hi, Leo! I'm always happy to see you, and it makes me so sad when you go... My question is: what other adventures have you had? I loved hearing about the shark you chased!

    I really enjoy visiting aquariums, which makes leaving them especially hard, so I know how you feel. As for your question, I often visit my friends in different parts of the ocean. Swimming around so much means my life is full of adventures! For example, a friend of mine, an electric eel, ran out of electricity the other day and asked me for help! I showed him how to recharge and collect bolts. Or once, Hermann the crab and I explored a coral reef. We were testing his new electric model bathyscaphe. It was so cool!

    Greetings, Leo! I hope you are having a great day today! I see you enjoy talking to all my fish when you visit my aquariums. Have you become good friends with any of them? Would you like to stay with us for good?

    Hope you're enjoying your day too. Thanks for the question. I'm actually pretty good friends with all the fish I know, which is why I sometimes feel like staying in some aquariums for a little longer than usual... But you know, there are so many places in the world I haven't been to. That's why I'm not planning on settling down yet—I still have a lot of traveling to do!

    Can you tell us what your favorite tank is and why?

    The Moon Tank is my favorite, because it's the most unusual. You won't find anything like it anywhere else. There I feel like a spaceship captain conquering an unknown planet!

    Dear Leo, I love it when you show up in my tank! Are you married? Do you have kids?

    I'm not married. I guess I just haven't met my one and only yet. (laughing)

    Leo, I hope you like my aquarium, but everyone’s wondering where you actually live.

    I have a cozy bungalow in the Caribbean Sea. Sometimes I get tired from all the traveling, so I go back home and just sleep in my hammock all day long.

    What is the most memorable experience you have ever had in a tank or aquarium?

    The most memorable one? Let me think... Oh, I once got struck by lightning. It’s hard to describe how it feels, and I certainly don't want anyone to experience it. (smiling) That day my friend Clown Fish and I were collecting sea shells just off the sea shore near an island in Australia. The weather wasn't good, but we got so carried away with all the fun that we didn't even notice the approaching thunderstorm... I saw a very pretty shell right up by the beach... I got closer to it and ka-boom! A huge bolt went right through me! My friend was so surprised, he hid in the sand. I was completely speechless. But boy, was I ever awake and energetic after that! I felt like I could move mountains!

    Hi, Leo! I just love the game. I wonder what the highest voltage you have been zapped with is.

    I don't know the exact figure, but the lightning strike was definitely the highest. (laughing)

    Dear Leo, how old are you? What seas have you been to? Will there be an underwater city that looks and feels like Antarctica?

    In human years I'm 24. I've been to all the seas of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Next on my list is the Arctic Ocean.

    Leo, what do you like the most about the sea?

    Fish! My finned friends are what I love the most. And water. What kind of an ocean is it without water?

    I love you, Leo. You make me work harder for what I want. Where do you go once you get all the bolts you need?

    I'm so happy to hear that I inspire you! Once I’ve recharged, I give energy to others! I fix lamps, appliances, Christmas lights. I also organize shows with Tesla coils. Kids love those!

    Hi Leo, I was wondering what your mom and dad's names are. I'd really love to meet them.

    My parents' names are Marta and Daniello Narcini. They live far away from here and are not really into traveling. They certainly are homebodies! I visit them quite often and always send postcards to them from new places.

    Why Leo? How did you get your name? Is it short for Leonardo?

    My parents named me after my granddad Leonardo Narcini, but it sounds way too serious, so I prefer Leo.

    When is your birthday? I want to be able to wish you a Happy Birthday. Is your birth sign LEO?

    Oh, I wish I were a Leo; that would be fun. (smiling) I was born on May 27, so I’m a Gemini.

    What is your favorite color and type of fish?

    Yellow! I love yellow sand and yellow game pieces. As for the fish, that would be the yellow surgeonfish. They're just the cutest!

    Thank you for your answers, Leo, we have gained a lot of insight from them. Now you have the chance to say a few words to our readers.

    Friendship always comes first! So remember to visit your friends' aquariums and feed their fish!
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    I am loving Fishdom

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    I used to play this game. It is fun

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    I love it when Leo visits. I wish we could buy.
    A ray. Or let Leo drop off baby rays in the tanks.

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    Love this game it’s so fun!

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    Ik vind het een super spel😁
    En als Leo er is vind ik het spannend om te proberen zo hoog mogelijk te eindigen 😉

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    Dom Dom bomb

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    Love this game. Wish I was able to buy the fishes of the month!

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    Can't believe I got threw some really hard levels I did it for you Leo!

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    Fantastic I love it

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