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Thread: Lost Before it's Over!?

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    Lost Before it's Over!?

    Twice now I have had a level end with a loss that could have been won. On my last move, as the pieces are still falling, the message comes up that I have lost the level. With pieces still dropping and rockets still going off. How can the level be done before all the action stops?! The fat lady has NOT sung!
    Just happened on level 1717. I probably wouldn't have won, but 2 lemonades were in the 2nd space, with only empty spaces below them, with the whole board still moving, and I did not get credit for them...

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    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing happening. I registered a comment in the help section in game and received a message that they are aware of the situation. The best thing you can do is also register your concerns in game. The more reports the faster it will get fixed. This problem has recently cropped up as well as the situation where you set off a boom box or swap two rainbow blast and before the pieces have even begun to settle it says "no more moves" then after all the pieces settle (even if there are viable matches available) it reshuffles the board.

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