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Thread: Level 324 - not enough moves

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    Level 324 - not enough moves

    I've watched videos and read other tips but all the videos posted are 24 moves to collect 80 flowers where for me, I have 23 moves to collect 70 flowers. Either way it doesn't seem very possible. I've started the level with bomb boosters and been able to make 2 bombs with only 2 moves right from the start, giving me 4 bomvs in total, and still haven't been able to collect more than 55 flowers. Most the time, I tap out with 54 flowers on my last move. It doesn't make sense. I've tried collecting flowers without focusing on the lawn mowers and that gets me nowhere. If I just fill up the mowers as I go it still gets me nowhere. Focusing on the mower uses most of the moves. I've only complaint about one other level and that was because it took me days to beat, I used all my coins and booaters but finally did it. This one is starting to seem to be the same way. You say that levels are created to be beaten without the use of boosters, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who would call bullcrap to that.

    Nobody wants to play a game that continuously takes days or weeks to pass one level. Any help and insight is appreciated.

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    Focus on generating rainbow blasts. The only way you'll clear this level without boosters or paying for extra moves is going to be to generate power-ups early and charge that rainbow blast gauge as fast as you can. It should largely be your only real priority. I had a look around at some videos and this was the one I thought showcased the best plan of attack. This level is a hard one. Good luck.

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