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Thread: Plz fix level 27 to make it winnable

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    I agree with your point, Graylady. In fact, I deleted Fishdom because I hated the spending requirements too. I also like the theme better in Gardenscapes, and have just reached the level Becky references above. So . . . I guess my playing of Gardenscapes has come to an abrupt halt for now.

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    Yup...I'm stuck at 27 too!

    Certainly beta testers got past 27 right? Would be nice to hear if they did and what was their strategy.

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    I had no issues with 27. Have to place bombs and tnt strategically.

    Level 37 is impossible as well. Not enough moves to complete what is asked and not enough matches to make bombs or tnt. I have played gardenscapes for years on my pc. This oneis fun and I like it, but the levels are way too hard early on with not enough coins or stars.

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    Level 27 is hard but I got past it. Nana, I am wondering what spending requirements did you find in Fishdom? I will admit that I don't bother with decorating my aquarium but I am on level 187 and have never spent a penny.

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    I'm on level 27 right now. I used up my hearts, so I'm waiting to have another go at it. Looks like I'll need to try and get some good explosives into the right areas. I'm assuming that bombs will be of more value than the rainbow blasters at this point.

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    Doing my happy dance! Just completed Level 27 and planted delphiniums and yellow roses. Used no boosters. On my very last life, my very last try, Austin said "you can do it Nana," and by golly he was right. Oh . . . He better keep on being right too!

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    Nataly, dear, please tell Anton that he simply must "steal" the Gardenscape artists for Township! They have flowers that aren't caged and lovely selections of garden benches - something we Townies have been begging for, for years.

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    I finished level 27. Using the 3rd power-up - rainbow blaster + dynamite - helped. Getting long chains were challenging given the boards, but I finally received enough bombs throughout the level to get my 5 gnomes. It might take several tries, but it is possible. Good luck to anyone still working on this.

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    I finished using the two bomb power up, then at the last move, with just one square to eliminate, but no matching moves to get the deed done, I grabbed a shovel and gave it a good whack. Mission accomplished.

    Now, 29 is a bit of a bear.

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    I agree with you on level 29. It took me several times before I was able to get it done. My best strategy was to try to get the firecrackers for combining 4 in a row as close to a glass of lemonade as possible. I'd focus more on getting a lot of firecrackers on the board and then setting them off next to or underneath a glass. Doing this finally paid off and I got it done.

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