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Thread: Share Your Tips & Strategies

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    Level 75 in gardenscapes is unbelievable! I can't get the acorns above to move and can't find any information on how to proceed. Can someone help please? I'm so frustrated!

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    I finally got lucky enough to match 2 rainbows together and that took 17 tries!

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    I am level 188 and can not get through it ,I have already spent money for the coins with no luck any advise would help .

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    can I change the way my garden looks?

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    Tips for Level 329

    I finally beat level 329 after 3 days of being stuck!!! This is the level that is save 8 fire flies. The fire flies are outside of the playing field and are also only accessible if you can detonate color rockets and get away from honey that explodes from honey pots. This level was maddening for me.

    I used all boosters I had and used 900 coins numerous times to try defeating this one. Must have tried hundreds of times over the past 3 days. So many times I was 1 firefly away from victory and nothing would fall where it needed to. With this level, if you are stuck, just know that every move has to matter and all pieces on the board have to be accounted for (especially where they will land after your move). Bombs are sometimes hard to make because there is little room unless you use moves to get rid of the wood planks in the center of the board. Today it went perfectly and I was able to make some good bombs initially which gave me two dynamite (one on each side of the board), which is exactly what I needed. I ended up beating it with 10 moves left to spare which is insane to me seeing how many times I was left with no moves left and no fireflies. Totally crazy, but man did it feel good!!!

    I hope this helps anybody in the future who gets stuck. This level seemingly comes straight from Satan himself. If anybody beats it easily, I want to hear how you did it or what helped you beat it. Thanks!!

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    It's a cool game

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    Can anyone help? I am stuck on level 734 for a couple of weeks now and it's driving me bonkers. I have tried every move I can think of, and even watched a few tutorials on YouTube but nothing is working. Please help.

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    Hey Amber, I've not even gotten there yet but from what I can see on Youtube, you should prolly focus on just stacking boosters and setting them off several at a time. In other words, just see where maximizing 'collateral' takes you and save up for the Rainbow Blast to get rid of the chained pieces that remain.

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    Stuck on 453 any tips

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    Begging for help on 747

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