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Thread: Level 193

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    Level 193

    Please help me, I read all the tips on google but they have 34 moves and I have 31. It is impossible to get 45 firefly's

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    Not much advice I can give, other than making sure that every time you make a match by the firefly pots you're hitting at least 2 of them. The only time I would make a match that only hits 1 pot is if I'm bring a larger power up down from above. You'll need a little luck to get through those crates in the middle plus the chained fruits underneath but if you get a good start then just focus on making sure that every match is netting you either a power up of some kind or tagging two or even 3 pots. Make sure you take advantage of the 1 rainbow blast you'll most likely create in this level, try and have it hit as many pots as possible. If it's not going to hit at least 2, but preferably 3 pots, save it until it can. Other than that, cross your fingers and toes and hope for the best! Good Luck!

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    Grrrrr I'm stuck on this level too!!

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    I was stuck until I was able to clear the gnomes at the bottom next to the bottles. Everything else fell into place then.

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