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Thread: 27.11 Aerial Challenge Event In Township!

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    27.11 Aerial Challenge Event In Township!

    Hey, guys!

    The Event Center turned into a real airdrome! Join the team led by Professor Verne and Becky to test a new experimental plane powered by special fuel.

    Produce experimental fuel at a temporary factory
    Upgrade your plane and collect bonuses during the flight to win more rewards
    Make use of temporary goods: Pilot сap, Plane encyclopedia, Plane cookie, Toy plane
    Try 7 custom decorations

    Good luck!
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    Yay. The airplane event is the best! And love the new magnet booster feature. Thank you guys for bringing it back.

    Township: Garvie Livingston Seagull
    coop: Givers Only Coop

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    I really like the airplane event, but I'm bummed that the only way to get the custom decorations is by spending t-cash. Last time we could earn them by completing personal challenges...please bring them back. Not all of us have t-cash to blow on decorations.

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    Does anyone have tips to get your plane to fly farther?

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    Fly a straight & steady path, my best results so far have been when flying low, aiming gently for the little red batteries which will extend your energy and therefore the length of your flight. Keep your taps to a minimum as tapping uses up energy. Hope to get to the magnets! But don't panic if you miss them or other stuff.

    Not much point in trying for a long flight until you've upgraded a bit so make upgrading the first priority. Other people will have tips on the best order in which to upgrade, I just do mine randomly.

    My longest flight so far is 1614, I don't know if that's particularly long as the global leaders are 5554! But maybe they are fully upgraded. I'm about half upgraded.

    This is just what's working for me, but it may not be the best strategy, so try it at your own risk!
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    I seem to recall during the last plane event that we could upgrade the boosters more..we would collect 10 let's say propeller booster, which would be green lights, and then we would upgrade 10 more that were yellow lights. Only being able to upgrade each one 10 times is a waste since we continuously collect the tools. And really, there's only 3 boosters that help with our score or with flying further. Pretty disappointed..the plane event and restaurant event are my fave yet we all know how restaurant turned out for kindle players

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    The first airplane game was the absolute best because you could upgrade the airplane really far. This go round is considerably less fun because you can't upgrade the plane near as much, so very quickly there becomes no point to the gears and screws etc.

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    How does a plane get to 16,000 feet!!! Yeah.. Players getting to 16,000 + and 14,000+ . Are they cheating???!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ute noack View Post
    how does a plane get to 16,000 feet!!! Yeah.. Players getting to 16,000 + and 14,000+ . Are they cheating???!!!
    yes i too would like to know!!

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    Same here. Those scores seem impossible.

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