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Thread: Co-op?

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    How do i find and join a better co op?

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    If you are currently in a co op, click on your Emblem by the Dock, then click on Search to see a list of co ops. Alternatively, you can click on your Friends button on the lower left of your game screen and then click on a Friend that is in a different co op, if you prefer to join where a friend is already playing.

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    A good start is to look into the co-ops looking for new members threads in the Co-ops and Regatta Discussions sub-forum. Depending on your racing preferences, you can can look for Moderately Competitive, Relaxed or Highly Competitive Co-ops. If you find anything you think might be a good fit for you, you should send a private message to the poster, and discuss with them more details.
    Another way: you can post in the Players Looking To Join A Co-op thread, giving details about your town/stats/racing habits/what you look for in a co-op/etc., and someone might contact you to join them.
    Good luck!

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