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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

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    Please add me. My name is Lola Zedwick. Thanks!

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    I sent a friend request to those that added their fb link. Much easier to find.

    Gardenscapes - play daily
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    Добавьте в друзья. Играю каждый день. профиль ---

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    my Facebook name is Lisa Marie Harris

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    добавляйте в друзья, всем буду рада Вікторія Крилова

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    Hi my name is Mary Ann DeLuca Conley and I can use a friend.

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    Hi my name is Marj Firth and I am a daily player who could use some friends. Please let me no that you play Gardenscape and I will add you

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    Add me Wendy laughery

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    My facebook name is Amanda Gill. There are a few people by the same name. So my picture is of a ghost dog. I am in need of neighbors in gardenscapes,please,I play every day.

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    Hi my name is Lisa (Albert) Walker AKA Feline Castle on Facebook. Love Gardenscapes but I think it would be more fun with friends.

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