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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

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    Hi. I am an active gardenscapes player. Add me please so I can send you lives and so you can send me lives. Thank you.

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    Marie Pejřimovská hraju každý den.

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    Looking for Gardenscapes friends. My name is Lynn Gurney - need lives!

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    I'm desperate for friends who play so I can request lives.

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    Facebook Name Kathi Berndt
    Please Note Gardenscapes

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    Juanita James Garcia is my fb name feel free to add ty

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    Add me

    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    Here's a thread for you guys to find new friends and play together!

    Just post your name here and wait for people to come knocking at your Facebook door But first, please make sure you can receive request from strangers in your Facebook settings.

    Also make sure to indicate your Facebook name as clearly as possible so other players can find you easily. It would also be great if you add any clues on how other players can identify you if they find many players with the same name as yours.

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