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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

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    Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

    Here's a thread for you guys to find new friends and play together!

    Just post your name here and wait for people to come knocking at your Facebook door But first, please make sure you can receive request from strangers in your Facebook settings.

    Also make sure to indicate your Facebook name as clearly as possible so other players can find you easily. It would also be great if you add any clues on how other players can identify you if they find many players with the same name as yours.

    IMPORTANT: There is a new thread where you can add your details in order to make friends, and you can find it HERE.
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    I'm Davide (Nicoli) and this is my Facebook nickname!

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    Deniece Roderick Hare is my Facebook.

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    looking for friends my name is Susan Willson Weisberger you can contact me on facebook. thank you

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    i;m shirley i need more friends to play the game and i play every day my facebook name is shirley seastrunk my mail is http;// add me please thank profile picture has my three handsome sons sitting in a chair
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    Ajouter des amies

    Slt je joue au jeu aussi tu peux m ajouter mon nom c est tomasi cosette

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    Paula Richardson

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    Hi I'm Deborah looking for friends to play with. Daily player.

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    Jennifer Huckabee! Daily player! Please add!

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    Send me FR- Jeanne Nelsonn Gerswick

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