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Thread: Any Bugs Found?

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    Please fix the bug on level 70 with the lemonades, so I can continue with the game. The game doesn't credit me with the lemonades that fall and at times the lemonades will not fall off the game board.

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    I have been trying to play for about 2 weeks now, but after the site screen, the playing screen becomes white with an explaination mark on it and stays that way. You really can't get into the playing area. Please check this out.

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    I'm playing the latest beta version and the speech bubbles sometimes revert to Russian (I assume that's the language) even though I have it set for English. When I first started this version, all the text was in Russian however reverted to English once I selected the language. It just happened to me again but corrected when I looked at the language setting.

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    I beat level 291... Then the screen went dark and I was kicked out of the app. When I returned I was not given credit for completing the level

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    My friend have a serious problem, she is playing Gradenscapes via mobile phone and she can't start the game, she tap on Gardescapes icon but nothing happen! She is on level 506, she don't want to loose all those levels she reached!
    Please can anyone help?????

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    Trying to watch videos for coins, game crashes and kicks you out of game, no videos are able to be watched

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