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Thread: 5 video ads for 5 lives per day

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    5 video ads for 5 lives per day

    With lives renewing 1x every 30 min and the only option being to ask friends (which only works if you connect to Facebook and HAVE friends that are actively playing - very complicated!) or pay money, this game will very quickly lose it's appeal due to lack of available play time, which is a shame because the game is beautiful.

    Most games that have limits such as these with moves, lives and such have tapped into the monetary incentives from ads. The idea being that your advertisers incentivize developer companies based on the number of video views per day. By utilizing ads for free lives, players get more lives and play time, playrix gets more income and advertisers get more exposure. Once the free lives have been earned, players then have the option to purchase more lives if they wish.


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    I like your idea. Township has this type of thing, only it's really random. For Gardenscapes, I think it should be less random. Everyone could receive at least one video ad to watch per day. Something like that. Or as you proposed - a max of 5 per day but at least 1 for everyone.

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    Incorporating ads can take a lot of resources, so I could understand if playrix didn't want to go in that direction, however if that is the case they still need to cut the time it takes to renew lives by half. Playrix has an advantage of pulling over players that know the brand from PC games which is why I tried this one, however after seeing how little time you get to play I would be shocked if they manage to keep more than a few players past day 3.
    The benefits of a 15 min or 20 min refresh time are that impatient players will still ask friends and purchase, but if you want to you can wait it out without forgetting about the game completely or only being able to play 2-3x per day.
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