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Thread: Looking for Co-op Buzzy!

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    Looking for Co-op Buzzy!

    To the Co-op named Buzzy, and the Township name is Buzzyville please reply to this forum message. I belong to my mom's co-op so that is why I declined but since we can only be in one co-op I had to stay. Please see if you can join our co-op MTDwellers, it is an open co-op and send an add request to my mom Township Busy Busy Town. Also add her as a friend. Thanks! This is Township SweetTreats
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    Hi ParaGirl35,

    I’m closing this thread to prevent Co-op ad spamming but you may have some luck looking through the Co-op recruiting threads at the top of the Co-op and Regatta Discussions sub-forum.

    You can search all threads in the sub-forum by clicking the Search Forum at the top right or click each thread insidiously and use the Search Thread feature at the top right. You may want to search the Co-op name and the town name, though of course that user/users from that Co-op haven’t necessarily found their way to the forums.

    Good luck!

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