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Thread: Why Ruin The Past Regatta Reward System?

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    Why Ruin The Past Regatta Reward System?

    1. No choice at all. Instead of choosing 9 from 12 options, you get 9 chests (Assuming enough points)
    2. No possibility to refresh.


    I got a bunch of something from the last chest, the one what is suposed to give you the best reward, that I have too much of. Like many, I use the Regatta rewards to try to get more barn building materials. And I usualy end up spending TC to refresh a few times, and usualy end up happy. Now you get what you get. No choice at all. I hate it when a game ruins a good mechanism. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    On the positive side, and kudos, the plane game was nice. A bit random, you had to get very lucky with power ups, but still. And I like the idea of tokens.
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    Hi Elyone

    I agree. I loved the old system and did refresh my choices once or twice every week. This way I made sure I did not win building material/extension tools that I have no need for.

    This morning I received 2 slabs in one chest. This is not a prize at all to me! I miss the possibilities of choices and refresh we had.
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    I completely agree. I hope the choice system returns..quickly

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    I completely agree with this. Everybody in our co-op is unhappy; we were so looking forward to all our chests, it was a big letdown not to be given a choice to what you want. I thought we would be given different rewards, but turns out it's just the same, except you don't get to have a choice anymore; that's not a reward.
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    Same with my co-op no one was happy about not being able to choose their rewards at the end of the race. Might need to re-think that one developers...

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    At least they still give us top three bonus prizes I got a booster, so I can't complain too much.
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    Everyone I know is also upset to not have a choice of rewards!!! I am very frugal with my t-cash, but refreshing the board to get different prizes is one of the few ways that I wanted to spend it. Playrix, why did you take away an option that Many folks WANTED to spend cash on? It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint AND the players are not happy about it! Please give us back the option to pay for better reward choices!!!

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    I agree as well. I liked the old system better.

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    New Regatta

    My Co-op and I have discussed it and we really don't like the prize from new regatta. We liked being able to choose our own and have the ability to change rewards as well. We all play hard and have different needs in game. Give us back our options to choose.

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    I had hoped that the closed chests meant all players in the co-op would get the same rewards, much more fair; but sadly no, still different, and so much worse as we can't choose anymore.

    And another thing: I hoped smaller co-ops would be treated more fair in the amount of chests now; but sadly no, we still get only 6 chests while doing 16 tasks....

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